How to Create Impressive Upwork Profile ?

Are you really struggling to create and approve Upwork Profile ?

If Yes, You are in right place.

If you are beginner on Upwork, this article will help you to create impressive Upwork profile to get more work/business.

I read many articles that how to present myself and my work as a freelancer. The most important you have to understand your niche and your target clients. Remember you are creating your profile for your target clients, so think that why client will hire you and what is your strength and skills ?

when I started with Upwork, I created my profile and submitted proposals daily but it was hard time and I didn’t get any projects. I just asked myself why clients are not choosing me ? Even I got many declined messages from clients. After long research I found  2 issues Profile and Proposal. 

I decided to work on my profile. I had to read many articles and I don’t want you to repeat the same process.  Therefore I created this article to help others to create impressive upwork profile to get more work.

So, are you ready to cross check your profile with my key points below ?

So let’s start.

Here are some key points to cross check your upwork profile :

Add your photo, Title and overview.


  • Your photo must be professional and friendly.
  • If you connected with any Agency, so instead of Agency logo put your nice professional photo because it won’t work for you.
  • Headshot is compulsory.
  • Check following photos :



  • Make it short and impactful.
  • Upwork recommend less than 10 words.
  • List one or two major skills (or services) you’re marketing.
  • Clearly state what you are: Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Software Developer.
  • Good examples:
    Senior Front-End Developer (AngularJS / Node.js)
    Expert WordPress Developer
  • Bad examples:
    Too many keywords: CSS/ PHP / HTML4/5/6 / Python / Ruby on Rails / MySQL
    Spammy: #1 Top PHP 1/2/3/4/5 Developer with Zend Framework 1/2 experience


Your overview is your pitch to potential clients. It should clearly tell your story and why they should hire you over another freelancer. Describe your key skills, unique qualifications, the types of clients you’ve worked with, and work you’re most passionate about.Your overview should help clients answer these questions:

  • What area(s) of development do you specialize in currently?
  • What key skills are you offering and excite you the most?
  • Which professional experiences or previous projects are you most proud of and highlight your expertise?
  • What type of work or projects are you interested in and who are you passionate about working with?

My key points on overview

  1. Your small introduction.
  2. Master Stroke : Put your specialization or write something that why client will hire you ?
  3. Put your professional experiences.
  4. Share what services you are offering currently.
    1. It must be bulleted list
    2. Separate your each services properly so client can understand.
  5. Now last is CTA ( Call To Action )
    1. E.g : Feel free to contact me, Looking forward to work with your next project. It help clients to more engage or remember your profile when they hire.

Select your key skills.

Make sure you select the skills you truly excel at—adding too many can actually work against you. The best way to hack the Skills section is to add new skills as you develop them or take on new responsibilities and remove old skills as they become outdated. Place your strongest and most relevant skills in front. If you’re a Python developer with expertise in Django, Flask, and Pyramid, put Python first and the frameworks next in order of proficiency.


Honestly assess your english skills


Link your Accounts.

Linking your Upwork account to your Github, Stack Overflow, and LinkedIn accounts will establish your online presence and enable Upwork to better match you to jobs.

Add your employment history and education

Use this section to highlight projects you’ve worked on both during your experience on Upwork, as well as before you joined. If you’re new to the freelance space, add information about your past professional history and feel free to elaborate on recent roles and shorten older jobs. If you’re not new to Upwork, list any long-term work or projects you’re proud of. This will establish your credibility as a freelancer on Upwork. Each position should include a brief job description, specific technologies used, and accomplishments during that time. Make sure that the information you include highlights your skills.

Build your portfolio.

Your portfolio is a vital part of your profile. It’s your opportunity to not only showcase your best work but also tell the reader your story through your projects, your passions, your goals, and your strengths. If you have more than one area of expertise, your portfolio should reflect your wide range of skills (e.g., if you’re a full-stack developer, make sure to include front-end, back-end, and/or full-stack projects you’ve successfully completed)

Aside from picking great screenshots of your previous projects (make sure you have your clients’ permission first!), it’s important to explain the story of each project. Be sure to answer these questions:

What is this project? What does it do? What’s the purpose or goal?

What was your role in this project and what were your contributions you’re passionate about sharing?

What stack and skills did you use? Is there any other technical information that highlights your capabilities?

Set your visibility


  • It must be public
  • Upwork now have new rule, if you do not have any earning last 30 days then it will make your profile private for that you have to purchase membership plan if you want to keep it “Public”.

Set your availability


  • Your availability status must be “Available” to get jobs and invitations.
  • 3rd option is best for you “As Needed – Open to offers”. This way you get more invitations.

Give tests related to your skills and be sure your profile is 100% complete.


To creating nice and informative profile give you more work on Upwork. Just you have to understand your target clients.

I would like to declare here again.

Your profile must be 100% complete. 
Give tests related to your skills and be sure your profile is 100% complete.

Hope my above key points will help you to grow your freelancing business on upwork.

After successfully completion of your profile. I know there will be more efforts to get your first client.

To get your first client and upwork job read my article 6 tricks to get jobs on upwork.

what is your experience with upwork profile creation ?

Please share your thoughts below in comment box. Suggestions are always welcome.


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