Are you frustated to not get any jobs on upwork ?

I was also fighting with the same situation. Nearly few months I sumbitted around 400 proposals and no one want to hire me. I didn’t get any jobs on upwork. I got declined messages from the clients that I am not the right fit for their work.

Really I got frustated. I decided to fight and I started to find, what is wrong with me. After spend a month, I got what was going wrong with my upwork profile.

I have corrected my profile and started bid again. I collected all points what I did to correct my profile and get clients. You can check details on how to create upwork profile ?

This will help you to overcome your small issues with your profile.

If you are fresher and you don’t have reviews then building trust is really tough with any freelancing site. To get jobs on upwork or any freelancing website is tedious job.

But don’t worry. In this article I will cover few my best tricks to win the jobs on upwork.

So take a deep breath and sit on your chair.

First of all you must have passions and you must have clear vision.

When I started bidding, I thought I just bid the projects and I get clients. But I was wrong.

I started my freelancing career on 2007 and that time compition rate was lower. When I bid few projects. I got the clients easily.

But now compition is very high. Everyone want to earn money from home with freelancing career. If you want to succeed then you have to work in a smart way.

Most important, Don’t think as a seller try to think as buyer.

Why they should hire you ?

What are the qualities and skills you must have ?

Think about it!

You have to work hard to see and placing bids for the projects.

Do you think that only to place bid on projects is enough to win ?

I think not,  you must understand freelacing site’s and project’s behaviour.

First of all you must have passions and the most important you must have clear vision.


If you would like to win jobs on upwork then your profile must be impressive.

Please click here to learn how you can create impressive profile on upwork.

So Let's start our mission with my best tricks:

1] Read Job posting carefully

Few freelancers just copy and paste their proposals and they do not know what the work is.

Read job posting properly. When you read it, you will get the client’s objectives and when you understand client’s mind then you can understand him as well.

If you understand 70-80% project then you can bid and ask queries to client to clear rest of the points. (Don’t bid if you don’t understand the requirements)

This way client get that you read their job description carefully and you are interested to do their job.

Every bid is new job / interview for you.

2] Don't bid on old projects

Yes, You get this right. when we bid project we skip to see dates. We read description but most of the time didn’t checked status and posted date of the project.

(Upwork generally not close status of the project. If you placed bid on one of the project and you see client has hired someone but still client can select other freelancers for the same job.)

My suggestion is please first check when it posted if it old ( means 3 days or more ) then Don’t place your bid. That will be just waste of your bid ( as you get limited bids monthly ). Be cleaver and smart to see everywhere.

You need to see following before bid project:

  • Check budget of the project. ( Important right ? 🙂 )
  • Check review of the client ( check if client is good and what other developers comments/ review regarding him )
  • If you are working on hourly basis then you can check what AVG hourly rate client had worked already with other freelancers. Accordingly you can place your hourly rate.


  • so here you can check how many jobs client posted. How many open jobs he has now and total spent by him. Also here you can check Avg hourly rate ( $8.63 ). If you place your hourly rate accordingly , your chances will be high to win project.

3] Use filter for project listing


  • Select Newest from sort dropdown.
  • Select Job Type you want job hourly or Fixed price.
  • Important choose your Budget

4] Try to be amoung top 5 bidders.

Well, after sorting you will have latest job on the top. If job is just /recently posted by the client and you feel that job is match as per your skillset, Place bid as soon as possible with nice proposal. Remember don’t copy / paste your proposal because clients are very smart they know that its auto proposal and you won’t get that project.

5] Bid small Projects with small budget.

I know what you are thinking but this is the best formula to earn review / win projects on freelancing websites. See I don’t tell you that you bid big projects in 10$. Don’t do that.

See projects which is very small like fixing bugs in 10$ or so. Try to put your proposal there. If we think positively these are the projects finish in few hrs you will get money and review also from client and your future client won’t check how much you earn or what you worked for your previous client. They will just see your reviews that are 5 Star and this is the way to get next project and hang out with another new clients.

6] Availability

This is the key of your freelancing career. If you bid project and client message you, keep checking your messages and try to reply your client as soon as possible. If client message you means project is urgent for client and congrates ! you’re the shortlisted.

Discuss with client show your potential. Ask queries regarding project if you have. It will show client that you are more interested and willing to do that project. Discuss budget of the project. If you really succeded to impress your client then he will award that project to you for sure.


I shared my experience with you. I worked this way to get first few clients. After getting few reviews try to bid for bit high amount projects. Surely you will get bigger projects.

Remember to update your portfolio section with your latest work. If you worked with any client ask them first you can use their website with your portfolio.

Please share your experience in comment box below. Also let me know if somehow I can help you.


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